Engineering Archive

Instructions for submitting an engineering archive request and how to search the archive.

Submitting Files to the Engineering Archive

It is possible for consultants working for ODOT to also submit engineering data to the engineering archives. The procedure is different, and consultants are not able to search the archives. This link consultant.aspx illustrates the procedure that a consultant may follow.

The engineering archive is intended to be a permanent repository of engineering data. Data is not limited to MicroStation design files, but may include narratives, tab sheets, reports, and design notes.

NOTE: To ensure file integrity for the future, before submitting a request to archive MicroStation design files, we recommend that you use the Fix Range, Verify, and Verify/Repair tools found on the ODOT Drafting menu under Tools | Data Cleanup. Then compress and check the file visually.

To submit files to the archive, simply send an e-mail message to the ODOT Engineering Archives using the pre-addressed email template at \\scdata\eng_arc\ArchiveRequestTemplate.oft.

In the body of the message, please include such information shown in the Project Information column below.

Project Information Required ? Description
KEY NUMBER= Required Enter the project key number.
COUNTY= Required Enter the name(s) of the county where the project is located.
SECTION= If Known Enter the section name for the project as shown in the STIP or the Project Name as shown in the Project Tracking Tool.
HIGHWAY NAME= If Known The name as known on the State Highway System. The Routes | State Highway Cross Reference web page lists the highway names, routes and numbers. The State Highway System map shows highway and route numbers for the state and Portland metro area.
HIGHWAY NUMBER= Requested* The highway number, use the Routes | State Highway Cross Reference link above.
ROUTE= Requested* The route name (e.g. ORE99, US101, etc.).
MILE POINT START= Requested* The mile point at the start of the project.
MILE POINT END= Requested* The mile point at the end of the project.
PHASE= Required Project phases are listed below.
COMPUTER_NAME= Required The workstation you are using (e.g. XDE9999Q).
FILES_PATH= Required The directory where the files are located (e.g. \\sc-salemrev-11\hwye00z\ODOT_DATA\Projects\12345_MainSt).
FILES_NAMES= Required List which files or sub-folder in the directory (e.g. 01234d1.dgn, 01234e1.dgn, 01234rw.dgn, Final, etc.) or use * or ALL for all files and subdirectories in the FILES_PATH. If there are subdirectories in the path that are NOT to be archived, please indicate that
USERNAME= Required Your name.
USERPHONE= Required Your phone number.
V NUMBER= If Known This is the number on the upper right corner of the plans.
CONTRACT NUMBER= If Known The contract number.
Optional notes can be placed after the form.
* = If there is no Key Number, provide the Mile Points and either Route Number or Highway Number.

The project "PHASE" is delineated by discipline. This should not be confused with engineering phases that have similar titles. The project "PHASE" may be one of the following:

Project "PHASE" Description
Agreements .
As_Constructed .
Contract_Admin .
Contract_Plans Drafters typically use this phase
Construction Files received from a Construction PM office or files from the designer during project construction.
Design Designers typically use this phase
Environmental .
Permits .
Prospectus .
RWEngineering .
Scoping .
Specifications .
Structures .
Survey .

Pre-Addressed Archive Request email template
Pre-Addressed Archive Request email template

After the files have been added to the archive, you will receive a reply e-mail stating that the job is completed.

Custom Subcategories

Any custom subcategory can be added to fit your needs. The subcategories can be engineering phases DAP, Preliminary Plans, final Contract Plans, Revision or Addenda. To archive a revision subcategory, simply create a "Revision" folder and put your files in that folder. In your archive request set FILE_NAMES= Revision and that folder will be archived.

Retrieving Files From the Engineering Archive

Archive requests submitted after 2000 are located here: \\scdata\ENG_ARC\Post2000. If you need Pre-2000files, contact an EAST member or call the Computer Support Desk for assistance.
The Post-2000 subfolders structure is:

Search dialog

Example folder structure \\scdata\ENG_ARC\Post2000\Deschutes\12345\Contract_Plans\20101231\Your Project Data

If you know the county and project number you normally can navigate to the folder. Note that projects spanning multiple counties are archived in a single county. You will find shortcuts to these projects in the county folders.

How to Search the Archives

To prepare for restoring files from the archive, open Windows Explorer to your c:\share directory or other directory where you want to put the restored files (e.g. \\salemrev-11\hwye99z\ODOT_DATA\Projects\12345_Some_Project\Restore_Stuff, etc.). Open a second Windows Explorer window at \\scdata\ENG_ARC\Post2000.

To search the archive, select the Search button in Windows Explorer.

You may need to select the type of search "All file and folders"

Start->Find->Files or Folders

In the text box labeled "All or part of the file name:" enter a key number or filename that you want to search for. This example shows the key number 08654. Then press Enter or click on the Search button below the text box. The search process will take about 10 minutes, so be patient.

Start->Find->Files or Folders

As the search progresses, you will see a list of found files and folders form in the search dialog.

Search dialog

At the bottom of the windows dialog you will see folders being searched. If you are searching for a key number you can stop the seach after a few seconds when you see folder names after the county name ( GREEN BOX ). See RED BOX outline in above image.

Search dialog

When the search is complete, select the files that you want to copy to your workstation. To add files to the selection, hold down the control (Ctrl) key and click on the filename(s). Then select Copy from the Edit menu.


Click on the window to your share directory, and select Paste from the Edit menu. The files you copied above should appear in the window.


If you can not find a file you are looking for, contact an EAST Team member for assistance.

Pre-2004 design files will be in MicroStation V7 format. You will get a message like this if you try to open it:

Search dialog

Cancel this and use Transmuter to converter the file to V8 format. The MicroStation V7 converter will not properly convert line styles and fonts, but Transmuter will convert these.

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