Striping Note Bubble
Striping Note Bubble

Place Note Striping

This is a tool for drawing striping bubble notes and legends. To activate the tool, key-in place note striping, select Striping > Notes from the ODOT > Drafting > Construct menu, or open the ODOT Tools toolbox and click on the Place Striping Note icon.

Choose your Note Type, then Category, then Note from the popup menus. Check the box next to Draw Leader Line if you want to draw a leader line. Check the box next to Include Legend Text if you want to draw the legend text. If you want a callout note above and/or below the bubble, enter it in the Top Callout or Bottom Callout text fields, or choose a standard callout note from the popup menus.

The note is shown under your cursor, as when placing a cell (the note actually is a cell created on the fly by the tool). Data point to place the note. If Draw Leader Line is checked, data point again to place the leader. Reset to exit the tool.

When activating the tool via the key-in place note striping, you can add /L to the command line to automatically check the Draw Leader Line checkbox. You may use lower-case /l also.


If you use PopSet, be aware that the Place Note Striping window will not appear when you activate the tool from the ODOT menu or via key-in. The best way for PopSet users to activate the Striping Note Bubble tool is to click on the Place Striping Note icon in the ODOT Tools toolbox. The window will appear next to the icon when you activate the tool this way.

Remember also that you can hover your cursor over the PopSet icon or you can hit Ctrl-Spacebar to make the window appear under your cursor at any time when using PopSet. Please read the MicroStation Help on PopSet if you use PopSet.

ODOT Tools

To open the ODOT Tools toolbox, hit Ctrl-T to open the Tool Boxes dialog (or select Tool Boxes from the Tools menu), then check the box next to ODOT Tools in the list of toolboxes. The ODOT Tools toolbox can be moved and docked like any other toolbox, and you can copy buttons from the ODOT Toolbox to your own custom toolbox. Contact EAST if you need help.

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