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Version: 1.0.20 04/15/2021

Highway Inventory Summary
Search by Signed Route
1. Modify the beginning and ending milepoints for the route you selected, if so desired.
2. Click on the Search button
3. If the Route and Milepoint range occurs on more than one state highway, you will be asked to choose which highway you need.

If querying by route number, only those roads that must be driven on to create the path (route) through the network will be shown in the report.
This excludes most connections and frontage roads from route queries.

Refine your search criteria for any of the above reports:
Road Type Roadway ID Mileage Type
Frontage Roads
1 Primary Roadway -- add
2 Primary Roadway -- non add
3 Split Roadway -- add
4 Split Roadway -- non add
5 Located Line
Blank - Regular
Z - Overlap

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