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Version: 1.0.22 08/04/2022

Vertical Grade Information
Data source refreshed on 02/24/2023
If you have any questions about the data shown on this report please see the Glossary.
The Highway numbers seen on this page are the ODOT highway numbers. These numbers are not what you would see on road side signs when driving on our highways. For those not familiar with our highway numbering system there is a Highway Cross Reference Table available.
Highway #: Beginning
Mile Point:
Highway Name: Ending
Mile Point:
Elevation Report - Minimum Elevation: feet
Percent Grade Report - Minimum Grade: %
Vertical Grade Report

Road Type Roadway ID Mileage Type
Frontage Roads
1 Primary Roadway -- add
2 Primary Roadway -- non add
3 Split Roadway -- add
4 Split Roadway -- non add
5 Located Line
Blank - Regular
Z - Overlap

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