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Version: 1.0.14 11/14/2018

Oregon Mileage Report

State Highway Mileage

The Oregon Mileage Report is ODOT's official source of public road mileage information. This web page presents the state highway data from the Oregon Mileage Report, and allows users to query state highway mileage by Highway, County, ODOT Region, or ODOT District. The Oregon Mileage Report is updated annually by the Transportation Data Section of the Transportation Development Division.

For mileage information about other roads, and for previous year's Mileage Reports, please see our Road Assets and Mileage web site.

The Highway numbers seen on this page are the ODOT highway numbers. These numbers are not what you would see on road side signs when driving on our highways. For those not familiar with our highway numbering system there is a Highway Cross Reference Table available. Definitions of the various terms used on this page can be found here.

To import the reports into an Excel workbook, save the report as a .TXT file, then open the .TXT file in Excel and choose the Fixed Width column option when prompted by the Import Wizard. For best results, print reports in landscape form.

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Highway #:
Highway Name:
Mileage Report Source Year:

The report for All state highways is a large report. Execution time is approx. 2 minutes.

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County #:
County Name:
Mileage Report Source Year:

Lists Pavement Surface Type by Highway.
Approx. Execution Time: One County - 3 Seconds, All Counties - 1 minute.

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District(s):   Mileage Report Source Year:

Approx. Execution Time: One District - 7 Seconds, All Districts - 1 minute.

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Region(s):        Mileage Report Source Year:

Approx. Execution Time: One Region - 15 Seconds, All Regions - 1 minute.

   Please call Danny Spaulding at (503) 986-4143 if you have any questions.

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